veritas Domini

From the latin "truth of the Lord", veritas Domini is a musical journey from composer VĂ­tor H. M. Correia into what it means to be human. Fear, anxiety, depression, gratitude, bliss and fellowship.

Born out of both pain and joy, these compositions are intimate soundscapes which reflect the state of spirit, soul and body going through all stages of life. Written as a cathartic experience, they tap into the very soul of the man behind the instruments.

The latest single, Bittersweet November, was released in November 1st 2019. The first EP, Proof of Life, was released in June 2018.

The album Proof of Live 2021 comes out on 6st August 2021, featuring 7 songs and recapturing the essence of the 2018 EP with the same name.

All compositions can be found @ Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, and all major music markets.